**All of KUNZ product has warranty for 1 year**

Any malfunction or defect that is caused by manufacturing, KUNZ will provide free warranty service.
Within the warranty period, the following conditions (or similar) will void warranty.

  1. When the product “Sealed Sticker” has been removed, damaged, replicated or tempered with.
  2. Improper installation or wrong usage, alteration, accident, abuse or misuse.
  3. When connect jack dc power adapter to dc socket contra unsupported (voltage or polarity) by this product.
    *)All of KUNZ products use 9V DC Power adapter or 9V battery and ground center as polarity.
  4. Damages due by natural disaster or uncontrollable outside force.
  5. Product was damaged during shipping for product repairs service.

*)Shipping fee charged by buyer.

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