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First edition:

BOUNCE DELAY is DIGITAL delay effect
Echo Processor IC PT2399
Smooth, detail, transparan and sound like analog
Metal film capacitor inside! As standard in all HI-FI stereo & audio gear
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor
Fiber printed circuit board
Unique Aluminium enclosure (made in Taiwan) Luxury & robust design

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5 thoughts on “BOUNCE DELAY

  1. Great Pedals.!!!
    i wish you could make hi-quality REVERB.. like holy grail maybe, or even like the VanAmps Sole-Mate..
    i’m proud of you as a great indonesian pedal maker..

  2. Thanks a lot, Kahar.
    Yes, we should have a nationality in activities and creativity.
    That’s our identity… Indonesia!

    Thanks also to Igun in Jogja.

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