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REPEATIZER is an analog delay effect It’s a clone of BOSS DM-2
Very rare IC Delay MN3005 by Matsushita 4096 stage delay Smooth and so natural
MN3101 clock delay
IC NE570 as compander
Metal film capacitor inside! As standard in all HI-FI stereo & audio gear
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor Fiber printed circuit board
Les Paul guitar socket
Unique Aluminium enclosure (made in Taiwan) Luxury & robust design

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*) All edition is limited edition. Every edition only released 3 pcs.

22 thoughts on “REPEATIZER

    • Halo juga‚Ķ
      Cara pesan tinggal baca aja di ORDERING. Tapi kalo masih bingung (bahasa inggris), bisa call/sms di nomer ini: 08122770029.

    • Thanks.
      I use electrochemical, ceramic and MKM capacitor. As you can see on picture.
      If you request Tantalum capacitor as custom order. We can comply it. But, it will lift up the price.

  1. Hi, I would just like to enquire of the cost of a repeatizer, assuming you are prepared to ship to the U.K. as I could not find that shipping option on your list ?

    • Hello

      Yes, it just sold two days ago on ebay.
      I have no ready stock. I’ll inform you after i finish built Boss DM 2 clone.
      Shipping to Austria about $US 37.50

  2. I really enjoy your “REPEATIZER” pedal. It’s BIG knobs are the shit! They are the best for this type of pedal, they make the adjustments smooth enough to control the signal without cutting it out accidentally.
    External Box Battery 9V is something I’ve been looking for, for a while. This is a great accessory for any pedal!
    Your products are very well made and look killer!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Sebastian!

      Well, i’m glad to hear that you satisfied to our product.
      Yes, External Box Battery is the first product that save energy on battery pedals.
      Thank’s for buying and enjoy your pedal.


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