MXR Distortion+ clone & DOD Overdrive 250 clone in one box!
It’s Distortion and Overdrive in one box (Combo)
Change position of toggle switch to select MXR Distortion+ or DOD Overdrive 250 (Right side toggle switch)
Metal film capacitor. As standard in all HI-FI stereo & audio gear.
LED indicator
Unique pedals (great innovation)
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor
Fiber printed circuit board
EST Japan guitar socket
Unique Aluminium enclosure (made in Taiwan) Luxury & robust design

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KUNZ- X-CHANGE DOD-Overdrive 250 MXR-Distortion+
Sound (Distortion+ & Overdrive 250) Overdrive250 Distortion+
Design unique & more stylish DOD Standard MXR Standard
Price US$call US$- US$-

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