2nd edition:

First edition:

Fuzz factory clone with Japanese Transistor (JT = Japanese Transistor)
More clean, open, smooth & not too wild
100% Radiation free (old stocks transistor)
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
LED indicator
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor
Fiber printed circuit board
Unique Aluminium enclosure (Luxury & robust design)
Unique tone

US$call | Rpcall

*)We use Japanese Transistor.
It more open (not cutted)/clear & smooth.
It difference from other fuzz.
Feel it. You’ll like it.


KUNZ-JT Fuzzfine ZVEX-Fuzz factory
Transistor Japanese Germanium Transistor Germanium Transistor AC128
Sound Vintage more open & smooth vintage
Footswitch 3PDT DPDT
LED indicator Yes No. Add some $50 for LED
Design unique & more stylish Standard ZVEX
Price US$73 US$179 see on ebay

8 thoughts on “JT FUZZFINE

  1. Love the sound of it with your online clip. I play both a strat and a Les Paul through a Budda amp. I plan on putting before my overdrives. I love the art work too. Very cool stuff.

    • It’s included.
      You buy this, you’ll get:
      1. JT Fuzz Fine
      2. External Box Battery +LEDed switch
      3. Pretty Handpainted Hardcase
      4. New Battery 9V
      5. Vintage Germanium Transistor Heatsink
      6. Owner’s manual

    • Hi
      Shipping fee to Chile: US$52.5 using EMS Express (7-14 days traceable and insurance).
      But, if you want more cheap, you can use Register Mail.(3-4 weeks traceable) US$27.5.


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