Fuzz factory clone with Discontinued Germanium Transistor AC188
AC188 is subtitution Transistor for AC128
LED indicator
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor
Fiber printed circuit board
Unique Aluminium enclosure (Luxury & robust design)
Vintage fuzz factory knob

US$call | Rpcall

*)We use Germanium Transistor AC188.
The only one subtitution transistor for AC128 beside AC188K.
It recomended by Electronic Parts Subtitution books and fuzz pedals forum.


KUNZ-Fuzzfine AC188 ZVEX-Fuzz factory
Transistor Germanium Transistor AC188 Germanium Transistor AC128
Sound Vintage vintage
Knob vintage vintage
Footswitch 3PDT DPDT
LED indicator Yes No. Add some $50 for LED
Price US$67 US$179 see on ebay

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