TS-808 & TS 9 clone in one box! (1st time in the world)
1S2076 clipping diodes inside (original early 80’s tube screamer)
2SC1815 Transistor inside. Gain factor higher than 2SC2458.
IC RC4558P Texas Instrument
Metal film capacitor inside. As standard in all HI-FI Stereo and audio gear
2 LED indicator for TS-808 & TS 9 clone
Toggle switch for TS-808 or TS 9 clone choice
Unique pedals (great innovation)
True bypass using heavy duty 3PDT footswitch
9V DC power adapter (ground center) or 9V battery
1% tolerance resistor
Fiber printed circuit board
Unique Aluminium enclosure (Luxury & robust design)

US$call | Rp call

*)We use 2SC1815 transistor coz gain is higher than 2SC2458.
It proved when we set tone knob (2SC2458) at 9 o’clock same tone as at 7 o’clock using 2SC1815.
Don’t use 2N3904 transistor on TS schematic. The treble so low. Just put it on the waste!

*)We also change 1uF/NP electrolytic capacitor to metal film capacitor as standard in HI-FI stereo.


KUNZ-Dual Screamer Ibanez-TS-808 & 9
Sound vintage vintage
Design unique & more stylish Standard TS
True bypass yes no
Price US$call US$-

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